We offer a wide range of a professional creative and technical services, working with you from your projects intial creative and technical concept through design implementation, testing and utilizing an industry leading toolset. During the design process we encourage a high level of communication between us and our clients. We take the time to identify your objectives and goals and develop intelligent, imaginative and unique solutions. A company's web site is a reflection of our company, and it is important that the reflection be as true as possible.

Initial Setup
Before any design can begin, we need to get a complete and accurate understanding of your company, it's services, products, and clients. With this information we define our objectives. With this information as a background we sit down and discuss in detail any ideas that you have for a new web site. Next, with the information we gathered in the initial steps, we will submit one or more designs to you for approval. If none of the designs are acceptable, we will continue to submit new designs until you are completely satisfied.

What we do when we do it
We create Interactive and animated flash driven web sites static and dynamic html designs and web pages. The web sites we develop are tested among all major browsers, and operating platforms to ensure the same level quality and operation across them all.

Once the design is approved, we get to work on the main portion of the web site. This includes everything from keyword lists for submission, to the body text, graphics, photos, sound, etc. After completion, the web site will be submitted to you for approval. At this time you will make your final review of content. With your comments from the final review, we will make all necessary changes.

After the web site meets your approval it is uploaded to your server, and submitted to the search engines. Next, if there are any minor changes that need to be made after launch, we will make those changes. (free for 4 weeks after launch).

What we can do when we do it
The web solutions that we design at Imagination Squared Interactive are not without substance, technology, or innovation. We do our best to make every project full of features. Below is a list of just some of the items that we include in every web site that we design.

Custom Graphics
Logical Graphical Navigation
Custom animation
Submission forms
Search Engine Optimization (META tags)
Fully Browser Compatibility Tested
Print work and development
Concept development and creation
Maintenance,domain name setup....and more

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